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Turun Sinappia (Turku Mustard)

A product that does not need presenting

Very few products on the Finnish market are as iconic and loved as the genuine Turku Sinappia mustard. General debate influenced the fact that the production of Turun Sinappia would return to Finland after several years of production abroad. Maustaja had the honour to take responsibility of this well-known product continuing its road of success with the same original recipe.

Thorough product development

Turun Sinappia was to taste exactly like the original product, which was based on a recipe developed in 1948. The exact raw ingredients of the recipe have remained a secret from the very beginning, as well as has the exact texture of the seed raw ingredient.

A long and through product development project was initiated, during which time the products were polished up to standards in terms of flavour, appearance and texture. For Maustaja, this meant production and packaging machinery investments, numerous product development rounds and tastings with the customer. When the flavour was right, the production tests began.

Two years later, the product was just as it should be and it was ready for the shop shelves. In 2014, consumers were finally able to enjoy the familiar flavours. Turun Sinappia had returned home and it was, yet again, a Finnish product from start to finish.

Colour does matter, for already 70 years

Products are rarely purchased merely on the basis of colour. In case of Turun Sinappia, however, shopping lists may refer to green, red, black or blue mustard.

“Turun Sinappia was, yet again, a Finnish product from start to finish.”

There is always an exception to the rule, as is the case here, since an anniversary mustard in honour of Finland’s 100th anniversary was packaged in a glass jar. The Strong & Sweet (Väkevä & Makea) pair of flavours made such a good impression that the New Turun Juhlasinappi anniversary mustard continues its success after the anniversary year, so in addition to the familiar colour palette, remember to familiarise in this sweet new product.

Turun Sinappia was issued the Association for Finnish Work’s Key Flag Symbol on 29th October 2014. Turun Sinappia also celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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