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Restaurant concepts

Favourite flavours for home cooking

Maustaja digs deep into the ideas and wishes of customers and develops flavours, textures and packages strictly according to the requirements. This can also be seen in restaurant concepts which bring master chef flavours easily available for consumers and thus ease and put the finishing touch to their own cooking.

Customized sauces, dips and mayonnaises.

Maustaja is involved in three restaurant brand’s product concepts that all represent their own unique flavours.

Several tasty sauces were created for Jim Lim by Farang product series, and the concept of Wing Restaurant Hook was complemented by sauces and dips. Furthermore, Maustaja developed customized compotes and five mayonnaise choices for Naughty BRGR restaurant’s products.

“The products are designed to make home cooking easy and fast without compromizing the tasting experience,” says Farang’s restaurateur and chef Matti Wikberg.

Consumer-oriented cooperation

All concepts include also other food companies’ items, such as meat products. The main idea is to practise open-minded cooperation enabling diverse and customer-oriented products.

Besides, this formula also helps smaller brands to enter store shelfs and be presented attractively as a part of a broader entity.

“Top chef flavours from store shelf to home cooking.”

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