Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Does Maustaja also provide product development?

Product development is one of our key areas of expertise and part of our service concept.

Do we order the packaging materials or does the customer personally handle this?

Most of the time Maustaja acquires the materials. In some cases the customer personally takes care of certain materials, e.g. ordering and delivering labels or tubes to Maustaja.

Can the customer come and observe production?

Customers are welcome to come and follow production, and visits can be agreed on separately.

Which products are increasing on the market?

At the moment, trends include vegetarian, pure flavours, responsible food and On-the-go packaging.

Does Maustaja have any quality certificates?

Maustaja has BRC certificate.

Are recipes disclosed to third parties?

Each recipe is specific to a customer or product, and the same recipe shall not be used for the products of other customers.

Can we conclude an NDA?

A non-disclosure agreement is a familiar practice, and upon agreement, an NDA can be concluded.

Where can I see Maustaja's packaging options?

You can check the different packaging options under packaging, in addition to which we are happy to map case-specific options according to your needs.

How long is the order-to-delivery time?

The order-to-delivery time is product-specific and shall be determined by agreement at the beginning of cooperation. The most common delivery times are 3-4 weeks from ordering.

How do I find the plant?

The plant is located in Pyhäntä, in the industrial area of Leiviskänkangas along road 88, there are signposts to guide you here from the main road. Further instructions can be provided by calling the host of your visit, and if necessary, we can meet you at the airport and take you back to the same location at the end of your visit.

Where can we meet?

Upon agreement, we can arrange to meet almost anywhere. Our sales office is located in Tampere, and our plants and other operations are located in Pyhäntä.

How soon can we start cooperating?

Cooperation is always started with mapping the situation and objectives with our sales contacts, after which we can progress to the product development stage and from there to the production of the product. Time-wise, each project is different.

What is the minimum batch for production?

The minimum batch is based on production and packaging lines. The normal minimum one-off batches for bottle and jar products are 3,000 kg and for small packaging 1,000-2,000 kg.

Where can I see Maustaja's product range?

The product groups that Maustaja currently manufactures can be found in the Products section. We are also open to new product groups, if they are suitable for us to produce in terms of their properties.

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