What we produce

What we produce

Our high-quality products

Good ‘til the last drop

Did you know that we are the largest ketchup manufacturer in Finland? We also produce 60% of all the mustards in Finland. The pure berries that have been ripened by the polar night find their ways to the jam jars of many manufacturers. Our sauces provide a finishing touch for meals, and our delicious products are nowadays enjoyed all over Europe. Can we produce your next product too?

Product quality

The quality of the products is praised by our customers. The starting point for the products are the raw ingredients, which we use to produce tasty, attractive and high-quality products regardless of the product group. We are easily able to produce product batches of various sizes.

“Can we produce your next product too?”

Organic products

As a certified supplier, we also produce organic products in accordance with guidelines set out in the EU Organic Regulation and regulatory audit.

Products suitable for special diets

If necessary, we can produce products in most of our product groups to be suitable for a lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan diet.

As a cornerstone of reliability, I would like to raise the fact that the product quality does not change after accepting an offer – this expectation has been admirably claimed by Maustaja.

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Quality and options



We are the largest ketchup manufacturer in Finland. In the background of the delicious ketchup’s flavour are genuine tomatoes that have ripened in the sun, in which case the tomato’s own sugars, fruit acids and other nutrients are at their best.

“We are the largest ketchup manufacturer in Finland.”

The tomato content is always in accordance with the agreed recipe. We also produce organic ketchup. The desired world of flavours is always finished according to your wishes.

Did you know?

74 % of Finnish households use ketchup.


10,000 kilograms of mustard per day indicates vast experience, as well as the skills to produce just the right type of mustard.

Taste is decisive, and the flavour of mustard is ensured by using good raw ingredients as well as implementing the correct ripening time. The temperature must also be maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

We produce 60% of all the mustards in Finland.

Coarsely rough or velvety smooth?

A delicious mustard is tasty and can also be felt in the mouth. The desired texture is achieved by grinding the mustard seeds in stone mills or by mixing with mustard powders.

“A delicious mustard is tasty and can also be felt in the mouth.”

Would you like your mustard smooth, double-grinded, coarse, once grinded or a lot coarser with whole or crushed mustard seeds?

Will you choose mild or spicy? Shall we add a touch of honey or a pinch of horseradish? Organic is also a possibility. We also supply mustard as a raw ingredient in the form of container deliveries.

Did you know?

We produce mustard to go on 56 million sausages.


We have decades and millions of kilograms worth of experience in mayonnaises. We produce a rich mayonnaise according to your wishes, also with domestic canola oil and no additives.

“Only the sky is the limit for flavour options.”

We can provide you with delicious flavoured mayonnaises, where only the sky is the limit for flavour options. And the mayonnaises can also be produced as organic and vegetarian versions.

How does your new mayonnaise taste?

Did you know?

40 % of Finnish households use mayos.

Jams and marmelades

During the summer in the northern hemisphere of the Arctic circle, the sun does not set at all. The harsh conditions and the long period of lightness ripen the northern berries packing them full of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (e.g. flavonoids).

“Enjoy directly from their packaging!”

We want to offer the valuable berry raw ingredients of the northern forests for our customers and consumers to enjoy, in the form of e.g. jams, marmalades and sauces. Enjoy directly from their packaging or as a delicious jam centre in porridge or pastries.

Did you know?

Pure nature is our home advantage!


Salad dressings

Our sauces can be oil-free light products or oil-based emulsified sauces. We created the sauces’ world of flavours to specifically meet customers’ wishes.  We can create both classic flavours as well as new flavours according to the latest trends.

Barbecue and marinade sauces

We also produce BBQ sauces to suit your brand. Shall we add some chili, cola or shall we salsa on forward? The different flavours and textures are always customised to meet your wishes and purposes.

Hamburger sauces

Maustaja also prepares familiar and loved hamburger sauces, which we are also happy to develop with new flavour combinations. What would you like?

Dessert sauces

Alongside jams, we use berries to produce different kinds of sweet dessert sauces. Would you like to try our cloudberry sauce with leipäjuusto (bread cheese) or our blueberry or chocolate sauce together with vanilla ice-cream? How about caramel on salty peanuts, cheese and cranberries, could there be anything more delicious!

Various sauces and marinades can be packed, for example, in single-serving sachets for food and salad servings.

Did you know?

Maustaja makes 4 million kg of different sauce products each year.



Icings that are used for decorating baked goods are traditionally produced by boiling sugar and glucose syrup. Choose a colour and flavour and let’s steal the hearts of bakers at home and at bakeries.

Snacks on the go

We produce berry-based, healthy snack products. The snack products, that are easy to take on the go, can be packaged in a capped bag or a bottle. Tell us your wishes, and we shall fulfil them.

Sports drinks and gels

We also produce sports drink concentrates and gels that are suitable for fitness enthusiasts, in accordance with your flavour and target group needs.

Honey, vinegar and food supplements

We can provide you with honey and vinegar that is packed in both industrial kitchen and consumer packaging. We also produce various different food supplements.

Something entirely different?

Do you have an entirely new product in mind? Tell us about your idea and we will test if it can be created. Please feel free to contact us!

Did you know?

Maustaja has currently more than 400 active product names. The most popular products have been on the market for more than 30 years.

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