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Always a good moment

The cooperation between Maustaja and Fresh Servant Oy, which is based in Pietarsaari, is an excellent example of a win-win situation. Fresh Sallad & Deli Oy Ab sells Hetki -branded products (=Moment) to retail and Horeca customers in Finland and surrounding areas. Maustaja produces the salad dressings that are supplied with lunch salads, and packs them in serving sachets.

Local food in its true meaning

Maustaja takes care of product development, production as well as product packaging and logistics, and the customer does not need to invest in expensive production lines.

In this cooperation, the concept of local food reaches new dimensions, since the customer can pop in to Maustaja’s factory any time due to the short distance, and test that the flavours are right and the product meets requirements. There is close contact at all levels from product development to production and sales. The problem-free cooperation that has continued for decades is described with the words flexibility and quick reaction both in product development and deliveries.

Old, familiar favourites

It’s been great to see the growth and diversification of product portfolio. The fact that old, familiar favourites continue year after year also indicates success.

“The fact that old, familiar favourites continue year after year also indicates success.”

”We wanted to ensure that cooperation with a good customer continues in the future when amounts increase. We invested in a new packaging machine, and we now have sufficient capacity to ensure the production’s delivery reliability in all circumstances,” says Tapio Lohi, Maustaja’s production manager.

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