Tuomas Tuuli is the new CEO of Maustaja Oy


Tuomas Tuuli (42) assumed his position as the CEO of Maustaja Oy in September. Before joining the company, he worked as head of business operations at Jukkatalo. Tuomas was already familiar with the largest Nordic and the world’s most northern contract manufacturer of food products, as he worked in the company’s packaging room as a youngster.

Holding a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Oulu, Tuomas considers human leadership to be important. “People are the key to a company’s success. My first priority is to renew the company’s management system, starting with a review of the employees’ roles and job descriptions,” Tuomas states.

Aiming at improved profitability

After the difficult pandemic years, Maustaja is back on the path of growth. The company aims at profitable growth, which is hindered by the increase in the costs of various raw materials, packaging materials and logistics. This year, the company’s revenue is estimated to be approximately EUR 21 million.

Most recently, Maustaja broke new ground by beginning the contract manufacture of healthy and non-perishable snack products, which required the construction of an entirely new plant. This was the largest investment in the history of Maustaja, totalling approximately EUR 6 million. The plant started production in the beginning of November.

“We have the finest and best plant in our industry,” Tuomas enthuses. “The plant offers us the additional capacity we needed, enabling growth,” he continues.

Snack products form a growing product category whose market is still mainly outside Finland. According to Tuomas, Maustaja could also make a great product category out of easy-to-carry, non-perishable berry- and fruit-based snack products which are packed in resealable packaging and could be distributed to nursing homes and day-care centres, for example.


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