Service concept

Service concept

Our comprehensive service recipe

Do you need help in the design and product development process of a tasty product?
Are you looking for a comprehensive manufacturer for your product?
Do you want a turnkey service for packaging and logistics too?
Is contract manufacturing something you are familiar with?

A touch of raw labour, a pinch of fine adjustment

Maustaja’s service concept is an answer to all your questions. As a result of thousands of products, our service concept has been polished to perfection, and you will be able to efficiently bring your product to the market with the exact flavour you desire, at a competitive price and in a timely manner. Utilise the entire service concept of Maustaja and focus on what matters.

01 Product development

Product development guarantees a desired flavour

We develop and test our products to meet the required properties. The product is created its own unique flavour, texture and packaging.

As a reliable contract manufacturer in the food industry, we are our customers’ partner, who grasps on to ideas and develops high-quality products based on these ideas, while implementing our strong expertise and operating in a responsible manner.

“We have been praised for being customer-oriented.”

In addition to flavour and texture, we invest in the usability and attractiveness of the products with innovative packaging choices.

Progress according to schedule

We have been praised for being customer-oriented, we quickly grasp on to the needs of individual customers and the specifications of new products, and we are able to create a product that meets requirements.

Product development projects also progress according to schedule and we quickly respond to any changes that are requested.

Did you know?

Maustaja has approximately 100 product development projects per year.

02 Packaging solution

Packaging is half of the product

It is often said that a good product sells itself. In addition to functional properties, packaging is one of the most important sales aspects. Could new packaging provide your product the boost you have been looking for?

A multitude of operational challenges apply to the packaging of food products. The packaging size and material are selected on the basis of the use, properties and shelf life of the product. Of course, the details related to the brand are also taken into account.

“Could new packaging provide your product the boost you have been looking for?”

The packaging must be able to preserve the packaged product and keep it unchanged for as long as possible, at least for the duration of its shelf life.


Packaging can either be acquired in a pre-printed manner, or they can be labelled on the packaging line. Our comprehensive partner network provides the opportunity for impressive designs.

To facilitate making a choice, you can browse through packaging options with Maustaja’s Packaging Selector.

Did you know?

We have 9 different packaging options: bottle, jar, sachet, tube, canister, bucket, container, goblet and bag with a cap. And different variations for all of them.

03 Procurement

Quality from start to finish

We handle the entire supply chain from the procurement of raw ingredients to the delivery of finished products.

Quality and purchase agreements

The purchase requirements of Maustaja Oy’s main raw ingredients, such as tomato puree, mustard seeds and berries, are determined in the quality or purchase agreements concluded between the companies. An acceptance inspection is carried out on all raw ingredients and materials.

The microbiological properties of raw ingredients that are procured are determined in self-monitoring. As part of the acceptance process, the assessment of raw ingredients’ risks is ensured in terms of food risks and counterfeit foods.

Reliable, long-term suppliers

Maustaja’s procurement organisation works in close cooperation with both internal and external stakeholders. Over the years, we have created good long-term partnerships with our suppliers. We highly appreciate our co-partners, and we know we can rely on them to provide quality, delivery reliability and competitive prices.

“Over the years, we have created good partnerships with our suppliers.”

Our supplier selections are guided by the food industry certificate BRC that our company holds, which provide extremely clear and strict requirements for the suppliers’ approval process.

In connection with selecting suppliers, we carry out a supplier survey and, if necessary, we audit the supplier. Maustaja Oy’s supplier base has formed to consist of both major international suppliers, as well as smaller domestic suppliers.

Choices for raw ingredients and packaging supplies are made in close cooperation with the customer, suppliers and our product development team. We only use high-quality and responsibly produced and processed raw ingredients and packaging supplies.

Maustaja’s quality certificates:


Did you know?

Our supplier selections are guided by the food industry certificate BRC.

04 Manufacturing

At an annual pace of 10 million kilograms

Our production lines provide you with your products that are produced in a high-quality running form. All products have their own production process.

We also produce products without additives. In addition, we are a certified organic manufacturer, and we have Fair Trade certificates for certain products.

“Our production lines operate in 3 shifts, 5 days a week.”

Our production lines operate in 3 shifts, 5 days a week. We annually produce almost 500 different products = a total of 10 million kilograms.

Did you know?

We produce 80,000,000 servings of different sauce products every year.

05 Packaging

Good packaging is logistically efficient and meets customer wishes. When selecting transportation packaging materials, we can take in to account environmental friendliness: reusability, recyclability or environmentally friendly disposal.

“Good packaging is logistically efficient.”

We select the size and model of transportation packaging in such a way that it meets retail needs.

06 Logistics

Reaching the destination intact

The quality and delivery reliability of a product is ensured at all stages of transportation and storage, also in case of small production and delivery batches. We acquire the agreed raw ingredients and packaging, and deliver the finished products to the correct address in Finland and abroad.

We can also deliver products with a short delivery time directly from stock, or an entire production batch at once to the customer’s inventory. Just as agreed.

“We deliver products just as agreed.”

Our logistics partners are reliable and efficient, and we operate with all the most well-known national and international operators.

Did you know?

Approximately 500 truckloads of products leave Maustaja’s production plants each year.

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