Maustaja’s values

Succeeding together

Success is a matter of cooperation between customers, employees, suppliers, owners, sponsors as well as many other stakeholders. Functional cooperation between all stakeholders is one of the many foundation pillars for succeeding together, and in turn creates an opportunity for prosperity and employment.

In particular, succeeding together means that the members of Maustaja’s working community experience cooperation, responsibility for each other and the joy of succeeding together.

Mutual success must also be experienced with customers and suppliers. We achieve mutual prosperity.

Product safety

Product safety is an essential aspect for all food industry companies, and that is why it is also visible in Maustaja’s strategic objectives, visions and corporate values. It is important that consumers can trust products that have been produced by Maustaja, and enjoy the products. Product safety also concerns traceability.

Product safety is indicated with high-quality operations and and BRC certificate.

Responsible operations

Responsible operations include both responsibility for the people of the working community and the other stakeholders. Occupational safety is at a high standard.

Responsible operations also include environmental responsibility, community responsibility and the responsible procurement of raw materials.

Professional pride creates the will to operate in accordance with agreed instructions and rules.

Product development

Together we can develop a product with delicious flavour and attractive packaging in a way that meets the requirements of the distribution chain and legislation.

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Product quality

Our tasty and high-quality products are praised by our customers regardless of the product group.

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The importance of food origin and high-quality raw ingredients is increasing. Consumers want to know that their food has been produced responsibly.

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