Own product concepts

Own product concepts

Maustaja’s own product concepts

We are constantly developing new interesting flavours and products to be tested and trial marketed.

Mayonnaises and sauces

Our blue cheese dip and creme fraiche provide multipurpose choices for dipping and hamburgers. They can also be used as flavour sauces in versatile dishes.

“Delicious flavours for dipping, hamburgers and various other dishes!”

All Vegan & Delicious Mayo Dip

Inspired by the veggie boom, we developed a mayonnaise suitable for a vegan diet to accompany our traditional mayonnaises. Our product development team developed the mayonnaise to be egg-free in such a way that the mayonnaise-type texture was maintained.

After achieving a successful texture, we tested different flavour variations and in May 2018, the following three delicious flavours will continue to the PLMA fair for their initial presentation: Mango & Habanero, Wasabi and Roasted Sesame & Ginger.

This Maustaja’s new Street Food -themed vegetarian mayonnaise collection welcomes you to come and try them out!

Excellent by nature

The new rich and velvety mayonnaises have been produced with canola oil without any animal products, so they are perfectly suitable for those adhering to a vegetarian diet.

“Taste and fall in love!”

The 100 % vegan and delicious mayonnaise dips taste excellent in both a vegetable burgers and as a dip for vegetables. The mayonnaises are available in different sized goblets, sachets, bottles and industrial kitchen packages. Taste and fall in love!

The Maustaja Street Food vegetarian mayonnaises are just one example of our large selection of products. Please contact us and tell us what type of product would supplement the selection of your brand, and we will fulfil your wishes.

Seasonal products

Our Plum and Apple & Cinnamon marmalades are best friends with Christmas pastries. Apple & Cinnamon allow you to extend the season to last all year. Plum marmalade is also available in tubes. Tube-y-doo!

“Plum marmalade is also available in tubes. Tube-y-doo!”

Barbecue sauces

The traditional barbecue sauce meets its opponent, when the Salty Liquorice and Liquorice sauces reach the market.

The alliance between sweet and salty has found its way to the restaurant world as well as domestic kitchens. We wanted to test, how true Finnish salty liquorice and liquorice would taste in a barbecue sauce. Well obviously, it was excellent!

“The end result was a compatible symphony of flavours.”

These products are also one of many created in Maustaja’s own internal product idea competitions. We tested the new flavours with meat, and were able to bring out the intensity of the sauce flavours. The end result was a compatible symphony of flavours.

If this got you inspired, please contact your own contact person and let’s create an interesting new product for your product range.

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