As a company that contract manufactures food products, Maustaja must safeguard the quality of food products for both the customers and the consumers. The food product safety systems set out their own requirements, which Maustaja must fulfil. Maustaja holds BRC certificate.  In addition to this, any requirements set out by the customers concerning accountability and product safety, are also fully met.

Quality assurance of new products

A plan on product-related inspections, reporting and requirements is prepared in connection with product development. Customer-specific agreements on their implementation are concluded.

We are also happy to answer any consumer questions related to the quality and content of products.

Quality management system

A quality management system is a key part of Maustaja’s operations. It ensures both the quality of the end product and, in terms of the environment, a sustainable operating method.

All of Maustaja Oy’s staff has participated in the creation of the company’s quality system. Staff commitment plays an important role in developing even more efficient and environmentally less stressful processes for the company.
Since Maustaja’s quality has been created in cooperation with the entire staff, we have a significantly strong motive to hold on to it.


We have the industry’s most important and demanding quality certificates (BRC and SEDEX, a Supplier (B) member) and our operations are regularly audited, also on behalf of customers.


Maustaja is a member of Pakkausalan Ympäristörekisteri Oy.

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