Story of Maustaja

Story of Maustaja

Story of Maustaja

In the autumn of 1972, the municipality of Pyhäntä made a long-term decision. It decided to establish a company, which would employ the wives of woodworking men in Pyhäntä and process the locally available raw ingredients. Operations were initiated under the name Pyhännän Einestuote Oy and a group of local residents became its shareholders.

Breakthrough with ketchup

The first product was toasted onion. The actual breakthrough was not achieved until 1974, when the company began to produce ketchup. In a few years, the company became Finland’s leading ketchup manufacturer, which has since maintained its leading position.

Increasing range of products

New product groups were developed at a rapid pace. The company tried using its own brand in the production of potato crisps. In 1977, mustards were added to the product range and in the 1980s, jams and icings were brought to production. Later on, salad dressings, mayonnaises and sports drinks were included.

“New product groups were developed at a rapid pace.”

Significant Nordic contract manufacturer

Maustaja has grown to become a significant Nordic contract manufacturer. We have 80 employees and in addition to Finland, we export our products to Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and an increasing amount to the Asian market.

“We export an increasing amount of our products to the Asian market.”

Maustaja as a company

Maustaja is the largest Nordic and the world’s most northern contract manufacturer of food products. We design and implement each of the products we produce in cooperation with our customers. The Maustaja attitude stems from the Nordic genuineness and way of appreciating customers and partners. It also refers to valuing our own environment and pure nature.

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