The importance of food origin and high-quality raw ingredients is increasing. Consumers want to know that their food has been produced in a responsible manner.

Accountability is related to all surrounding operations. As a responsible food industry company, we exercise business operations by exceeding legislative requirements, in terms of the environment, product safety, nutrition, occupational well-being, local welfare and economy and, where necessary, animal well-being.

Community responsibility

Corporate responsibility is most visible in our business strategy through business profitability and investments, in how we can continue to ensure employment and jobs for residents in the area.

Environmental responsibility

We ensure sustainable and efficient use of energy, materials and natural resources, reduction of waste and emissions and waste recycling, protection of water, air and soil, prevention of climate change by reducing greenhouse emissions and we provide environmentally sustainable solutions to our customers.

We also develop and improve production processes with the appropriate management and use of greywater, we only use pure raw ingredients, we respect the environment with our packaging material choices and efficient logistics choices.

Social responsibility

The company’s social responsibility refers to all such effects that the company’s operations have on different groups of people and communities, such as the staff, customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and residents and communities in the same municipality.

Our employees’ perspective on the current situation

Bringing accountability from strategy to practice in production can be challenging, but we have carried out this work for years in a systematic manner and it has provided results.

A short questionnaire among staff indicates, how they perceive accountability:

In terms of procurement, accountability plays a key role; the responsible production of raw ingredients (such as mustard seeds) is significant, and it is paid attention to right up to the end product.

Listening to staff and employees as well as food product safety is brought up in production work. Responsible production and end products is a common issue.

Process steam is produced with renewable energy.

Responsible production method and operations
We operate in an open and transparent manner in a customer relationship, in order for the customer to trust our operations. We feel responsible, on our own behalf, for the customer’s success, so we carry out what we have promised and report any errors to the customer.

Importance of staff well-being

    • Occupational well-being days and events
    • Continuous improvement
    • Group discussions, which utilise the staff’s skills and creativity for developing operations and where we together come up with ideas for an observed development need.
    • Training, coaching and orientation.
    • Planning work shifts

The companys financial situation is maintained. Only a profitable company can hire.

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