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Grown together

The first Pirkka products were brought to the market in 1986. At the beginning of the 1990s, contract manufacturing began to interest more and more retail chains. The fact that good-quality products can be offered to consumers using the company’s own brand, was a strong competitive advantage. Maustaja’s role also began to focus more and more on contract manufacturing.

New worlds of flavours

Maustaja’s first Private Label partner was the Finnish company, Kesko, and their partnership began at the end of the 1990s with Pirkka ketchup.

“We have moved on from ketchup to completely new product groups.”

Cooperation continues to work in an excellent manner thirty years later, and both parties provide for each other with new product ideas.

As a result of food trends and new taste habits, we have moved on from ketchup to completely new product groups. Products that Maustaja produces for today’s consumers include, e.g. Pirkka Aioli, Pirkka Remoulade and Pirkka Paprika Mayonnaise.

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