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Atria Sibylla

Flavours beyond borders

Where Finns appreciate the smoothness and rich flavour of mustard, southern taste buds prefer more structure, texture and stronger nuances in their mustard. In cooperation with international fast-food chain Atria Sibylla, market-specific taste differences are emphasised.

Mouth-specific and always tasty

We produce familiar products for them; hamburger sauces, mustards and ketchups. Only in case of ketchup are the flavours internationally consistent. In case of all the other product groups, we customise a version that is suitable for the mouths and flavours of each specific market.

As a fun curiosity, it is worth mentioning the story behind Sibylla’s brand. The flavour of the first hot dogs produced in 1932 at Swedish Lithells sausage factory became very royal, and so the new product also needed a royal name: the name Sibylla comes directly from the name of the Swedish princess at that time.

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