Further improvements in product development, quality and service


Maustaja has strengthened its team by significant reforms. New work positions and skilled professionals help to further improve our product development, quality control and customer service.

Last autumn, Maustaja’s team was joined by Mari Kinnunen who works as a customer responsible Product Developer.

Kinnunen was born in Oulu, but nowadays she lives and mainly works in Seinäjoki. Anyway, she operates in close contact with Pyhäntä and visits there regularly.

“My working time is spent on product data forms, ingredients data, food legislation and customer communication. I also actively monitor new food trends since innovation and creativity are very important in this work,” says Kinnunen.

Product development requires accuracy, responsibility and ability to keep track of food industry’s rapid changes: “We must meet various consumer demands and take account of new aspects regarding, for example, product safety, food recipes and responsible packaging solutions.”

“In my work I especially like inspiring customers and cooperation with different customer companies. Product development is teamwork where each participant provides his or her own input and everyone support each other to achieve the desired result.”

Kinnunen has graduated from the University of Helsinki as a Master of Food Sciences specializing on nutrition science. She took her bachelor’s degree at the University of Eastern Finland and specialized on biology.

Before Maustaja she was a part-time teacher of nutrition and participated in various nutrition-related projects. She has also gained industrial experience in a fast food restaurant where she made and sold products as a shift manager.

In leisure time, Kinnunen enjoys sports and other recreation in nature. Unfortunately, this winter there was not very much chances to ski.

“At home, I like to try new food ideas and recipes. So, this development work sort of follows me there also, but in a very pleasant way,” she laughs.

Ensuring the Taste of Quality

In January, Maustaja strengthened its quality control resources by establishing a new Quality Specialist job position. The position was filled by Tytti Pirinen who previously worked as Product Developer.

Pirinen is a Master of Health Sciences by training. She studied nutrition at the University of Eastern Finland and specialized on nutrition and food biotechnology.

“My career at Maustaja started as a Product Developer right after graduating in 2016. Already during studies, I worked in food industry and food control tasks. Naturally, I also had some more traditional ‘student jobs’ as shop cashier, cleaner and dishwasher in hospital and nursing home kitchens.”

As Quality Specialist, Pirinen is involved in ensuring that Maustaja’s products meet the requirements of customers, legislation and food safety certifications.

“My responsibilities include variable quality-related matters, such as handling of internal deviations and complaints, management and verification of document timeliness, supplier approval tasks and quality-related communication to customers and suppliers,” says Pirinen.

Nowadays Tytti is kept busy also at home. Almost 1.5-year-old daughter ensures that mother sometimes puts quality issues aside and focuses only on reading, playing and outdoor activities.

Smooth customer service à la Maustaja

The latest entrant in Maustaja’s sales department is Pauliina Paavola who started working as a Sales Manager at the beginning of this year.

Paavola lives in Liminka in the region of Oulu and is an engineer of bio and food technology by training. At the end of last year, she also strengthened her professional skills and competence by completing a Food Export Expert programme.

“I came to sales department from Product Developer’s job and have been at Maustaja already since 2017. Before that, I worked in the dairy sector and in some food-related sales and manufacturing tasks,” Paavola tells.

In her new post she takes care of customer communication and cooperation while also selling tailored projects to customers. Her previous role as a customer responsible Product Developer makes the work easier since her already knows Maustaja’s common practices and customers.

“As a Sales Manager, I always aim to find the best solution according to the customer’s specific wishes and needs. Typically, for example, a customer’s product idea launches a product development project which proceeds through samples and packaging solutions and finally culminates as a finished product in customer’s storage,” Paavola describes.

“Each step of the entity is customized since Maustaja doesn’t produce duplicate recipes, but only unique products and projects. We create added value to our customers with quality and tailored products, a comprehensive service concept and the best solutions for taking the product into markets. I wish that the customers also find our cooperation smooth, open and effective.”

As a mother, Paavola’s free time is mostly spent with family’s common hobbies and outdoor activities.

“After working day, I also refresh myself with music or local LC club’s voluntary service or by baking and searching and testing new recipes.”



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