Digital solutions for transparent and customer-oriented service


Maustaja started a three-year digitalisation project in spring 2020 to develop its services and processes. The work done during the project’s first year has revealed various opportunities for responding to the transforming needs of clients and consumers.

The project aims at developing a real-time information platform which will provide detailed information on e.g. production transparency and the traceability of food raw materials. This sort of information from the manufacturer is valuable in matters concerning sustainability, health and ecological choices.

Traceability becomes real-time

In collaboration with several of our clients, Maustaja has also organised discussions and workshops aiming to find new ways to understand changing consumer needs and food industry trends.

Client organisations are calling for increased interaction directly with the consumer. In the future, organisations could shift from consumer surveys to utilising accurate consumer data and thus increase agility in altering recipes for different consumer groups.

A possibility brought forth by the project could be a new service allowing Maustaja to provide more flexible and agile product projects and product variations specific to consumer groups. It could also generate new possibilities for the development of premium-tier products.

Genuine consumer understanding – more agile product variations

In customer organizations, better interaction directly with the consumer is welcome. Feedback data from consumer groups may in the future provide an accurate and flexible way to customize product recipes according to the needs identified in consumer groups.

Product development is a key issue in our service and we want to be more agile and, in addition to being customer-oriented, also more target group-oriented in the future. We want our customers to be even more successful with the products we develop and manufacture. The development of digitalisation offers many new opportunities for this.



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