Maustaja-Opisto improves knowledge and in-house control


Maustaja is actively developing its professional competencies, product quality and product safety. A fresh example is our newly established online learning environment, Maustaja-Opisto.

Maustaja-Opisto is a new electronic learning environment where the staff can flexibly study and complete courses according to their own timetables.

The decision to establish this platform was made already in spring 2018. Maustaja had previously used a similar solution when training temporary workers with HR company Go On.

“We carry out annual refresher trainings about in-house control, but it’s challenging to organise joint sessions for three-shift employees. E-training seemed like a good solution, and this spring we completed a platform that is now being put to use,” says Maustaja’s HR Manager Jari Partanen.

A flexible platform with tailored contents

The training contents are compiled by Mr Partanen with Product Development and Quality Manager Johanna Myllykangas. Each employee’s course programme is determined according personal job title and duties. For example, the production and storage staff focuses particularly on hygienic procedures, allergens, glass management and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

“We already went through the hygiene training with our summer employees. It worked fine, and the information was well adapted,” praises Mr Partanen.

“The whole concept has been very positively received among our people. E-learning brings more flexibility and freedom to our annual refresher trainings. This web-based platform can also be used with mobile phone at an appropriate moments during working days.

Serving and securing the customers’ interests

From the customer’s point of view, Maustaja’s internal training is, above all, an integral part of securing product quality and safety.

“Our strategy of well-being at work include supporting the professional development and knowledge, and we want to be a forerunner in this field also. In the future, we will use this e-environment also for storing and sharing other contents, such as work instructions,” says Mr Partanen.

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